I have designed and taught several undergraduate philosophy courses at Emory University, including: Introduction to Ethics, Introduction to Bioethics, and Introduction to Philosophy of Mind (“Mind, Brain, Self, Evolution”).

I also have experience as a Teaching Assistant for graduate and undergraduate courses, both in Philosophy and in interdisciplinary programs (Emory’s CFDE University Course program, and Ryerson University’s Arts & Contemporary Studies program).

Undergraduate Courses (as Instructor of Record)

PHIL 115 – Introduction to Ethics (Emory University, Fall 2019)
PHIL 126 – Mind, Brain, Self, Evolution (Emory University, Spring 2017)
PHIL 116 – Introduction to Bioethics (Emory University, Fall 2016)


For more information about courses I have taught, as well as sample syllabi for courses I would like to teach, please click here.