In my current position at the University of King’s College, I work as a Faculty Fellow in a team-taught, interdisciplinary humanities program called the Foundation Year Program. I will also teach an upper-year undergraduate seminar, in King’s Contemporary Studies Program, in Winter 2022.

At Emory University, I designed and taught the following undergraduate philosophy courses: Introduction to Ethics, Introduction to Bioethics, and Introduction to Philosophy of Mind (“Mind, Brain, Self, Evolution”).

I also have experience as a Teaching Assistant in both Philosophy and in interdisciplinary programs, at both the undergraduate and graduate level, at Emory University (in the CFDE University Course program) and at Ryerson University (in the Arts & Contemporary Studies program).

Undergraduate Courses (as Instructor of Record)

CTMP 2301 – Pain (University of King’s College, Forthcoming – Winter 2022)
PHIL 115 – Introduction to Ethics (Emory University, Fall 2019)
PHIL 126 – Mind, Brain, Self, Evolution (Emory University, Spring 2017)
PHIL 116 – Introduction to Bioethics (Emory University, Fall 2016)


For more information about courses I have taught, as well as sample syllabi for courses I am prepared to teach, please click here.